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My Journey to POZE

To help you look at your life-story through the four-dimensional POZE prism I share mine here :

Being a young girl, I trusted that my WHY was to make the World happier. Thus,

I became an actor to show people how the World could be.

Until I learned that the illusion of a changed reality doesn’t change people’s behavior.

I became a lawyer to obtain justice for those who cannot fend for their own needs.

Until I realized that laws are worth only as much as the willingness of those who implement them.

I became a humanitarian worker to help people affected by violence, poverty and disasters.

Until I understood that we can bring others only what we have found inside.

I was so focused on WHAT I wanted to be outside,

that I neglected HOW I had to be inside.

One day a friend made me see:

‘Your purpose is to help others find theirs.’

Thus, I realized late that the WHY of life is to unveil WHO we are,

Sharing outside WHO we are inside is our gift to this World.


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