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Purpose for Power (P4P)

Human life involves soul, heart, mind and body,

expressed as aspirations, emotions, thoughts and sensations.

Wellbeing ensues when the 4 dimensions are aligned

Besides and beyond pursuing mental or physical health by curing and preventing illness,

we can nurture holistic happiness, by recognizing and optimizing the interplay of the 4 dimensions.

Purpose for Power (P4P) offers individuals tools to find out WHO they are.

P4P equips youngsters and caregivers to become agents of change in their own life, and that of others.

P4P helps people to identify their purpose (a WHY) and share their best self with others

– wherever they are.

It transforms them into life-cycle coaches who continue to grow along the journey.

Purpose for Power nurtures personal wellbeing and cultivates, through it, collective welfare.


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