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POZE@ezop – A community of like-minded thinkers and doers who want change,  and make it happen. We look for answers, see potential, use opportunities and flourish despite uncertainty. Are you one of us?

POZE is a paradigm; a perspective to see and approach oneself and the world differently. It is based on the connection of the 2 x 4 dimensions that influence humanity’s being and becoming, individually and collectively.  On a personal level, these are soul, heart, mind and body; which find their expression in the search for purpose, in feelings, thoughts and sensorial experiences. In the social sphere existence involves the interaction of people, institutions, countries and the Universe. Nothing happens in a vacuum; everything is connected. Who we are and will be, what we want and do is the cause and consequence of a global kaleidoscope that is constantly changing. 

The 4 principles that influence everything are,

  • Change – everything changes, always.
  • Connection – everything interacts, constantly. 
  • Continuum – everything is part of something else, everywhere. 
  • Complementarity – everything completes something whilst being completed, continuously. 

This understanding makes the goal of Changing the World concrete; it transforms the utopia of Universal Wellbeing into a practical endeavor that involves all people and serves everyone. Within this endeavor POZE@ezop offers space to connect for change: 

ezop is a place for people who want a world in which everyone can develop their full potential. It is a place for inspiration and interaction, to share and co-create resources and solutions. Membership is open to anyone who believes in inclusive social change and is willing to make it happen.

POZE@ezop offers in particular,

  1. Learning for individuals to start the quest for purpose and personal power in live and work;
  2. Grooming for teams to improve the well-being and engagement of team members; lighten up the internal culture and performance, which enhances the external appearance; 
  3. Advice for designing and scaling social influencer approaches that inspire, intrigue and ignite change for good; 
  4. Coaching for leaders at all levels to identify and unfold potential.

POZE offers a perspective to change oneself and society.

ezop opens a safe space to translate the aspiration for pro-social change in action..

POZE@ezop is universally accessible; online and offline. Those who join choose how they wish to contribute, offering their energy, ideas, talents and resources which are complementary to each other.

Note – POZE@ezop operates with a binomial philosophy – services that are rendered to those who can contribute financially serve to expand the reach of POZE and the offer of ezop to make them gradually accessible everywhere to anyone. Individuals and institutions that provide material support thus sponsor the access for low-income individuals, social institutions and schools. The focus for sponsorship is on countries affected by large-scale poverty and conflict.

POZE@ezop reflects Vision and Action, for oneself and the World


Perspective – A new life and living

Optimization – Alignment of aspiration and action

Zeniths – Progress towards the best self

Exposure – to Reality as it is, and could be


envision – Your own best self, and the world that could be

zoom in – on your role in making this vision come true

orchestrate – your internal and external resources with those of others

participate – fully, in your life and society

Change starts from the inside out. It is nurtured from the outside in.

POZE8ezop - Aspiration and Action are two sides of the same equation of change.


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