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This page is an overview of options to join the POZE Network of likeminded thinkers and doers. It lists Contact options – and 4 steps to start exploring a life a la POZE. They relate to the 4 dimensions of your being:

TRY – The first and most important step is to think (Mind) about the implications of the POZE perspective for You, and to test it in your daily life. How does it feel (Heart) to live in a World which is characterized by connection and change, rather than boundaries and blocks?

THINK – The second step is to review your current life and to project yourself into the future. WHY are you in this life? (Aspiration). WHO are you as a person? (Heart). WHERE are you now? (Mind). WHAT can you do to align your aspirations and actions? (Body). Maybe the H4H questionnaire can help.

TALK – The third step is to share your thoughts with others. These maybe your friends, or family, or the friends in this forum. Expressing what you Experience is a way to step away and take a fresh perspective.

TRANSITION – The fourth step is to venture out into the unknown. Make small changes to experiment. How does the person whom you aspire to be talk, dress, eat, walk? What topics is s/he interested in? Our life is a constantly changing kaleidoscope. Every little piece matters.

Dare to reach out and..

Learn more about POZE

Propose ideas

Join the Network of the Likeminded

Plant a local chapter.

Book a Coaching Session

Book a workshop for your institution :

Bring C4C to your staff; P4P to your youth network; H4H to your team; i4i to your campaign.

Join POZE@ezop – to find your tribe of like-hearted thinkers and doers

Everything flows. We are part of whole.
While completing something we are completed by something.

Dare to stay in touch

Sign up to be informed when new material is posted on this platform (it will not be more than once a month)

Dare to learn daily

Join and share on social media. I post every day one article that illustrates how and why POZE matters, be it related to our individual wellbeing, or regarding social welfare.

POZE is an organically growing dynamic. If you are interested to follow the thinking about and around it, join me on my personal blog

We must dare to care, about others and ourselves.

We must care enough to dare and explore the unknown.

NASA (2020). The birth of a new planet.
The Universe continues to change. And so do we

Find out more….and dance within the dynamic of transformation


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