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Our challenge is to make people want to be part of social solutions.

POZE addresses social change from differing angles that together form a circular embrace of the 4 dimensions that determine human existence, which is a combination of experiences and expressions. ezop makes this practical in daily life.

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COVID-19 reminded us WHY the World is ready for a paradigm shift. In DISCOVER you had an overview of the major concepts of POZE, and in DIVE IN you have seen WHAT the proposed paradigm involves and what the added value of the underpinning holistic perspective is for individuals, the community they evolve in, and for Society overall. Here we look at WHERE the 4 approaches operate and WHO they matter for. Pursuing the POZE principles they seek to achieve clearly defined goals—the Empowerment of individuals (P4P), the Transformation of institutional culture in the nonprofit sector (C4C), the Expansion of influence to build social good at scale (i4i) and the Optimization of personal leadership potential (H4H). POZE@ezop offers a space where these flow together, inspiring individuals to inspire the world.


While the underpinning logic for 4 methodologies is the same, Purpose for Power concentrates on the empowerment of the individual, independent of an institution. Compassion for Change focuses on individual reconnection as a means toward institutional cultural change. Influence for Impact is geared toward the systematic use of individual and collective decision-making processes to shape behavior. Common to all is the Honesty for Humility dimension, which is about personal authenticity (or, about individuals becoming their best self), also called ‘leadership’.


P4P is for individuals, C4C is for institutions that work to improve the lives of individuals and communities, H4H is about individuals becoming their best self, and i4i is about the individual and collective expression of unity. Each approach is anchored in one particular dimension, yet they operate on the interplay of all 4 dimensions. While distinct in their scope, with differing prime audiences, each approach is anchored in the same understanding that individuals have the power to change their own destiny and make a difference in the lives of others. This is irrespective of age, education, or socioeconomic status. The POZE paradigm is anchored in the belief that we can, must, and will be the change we want – if we choose to change WHO we are and WHAT we do personally.

Each methodology transitions via an intermediate stage on the way to the objective:

Purpose 4 Power: From Purpose 2 Passion 2 Power

Finding and pursuing our purpose awakens the passion for our mission, which fuels the power to overcome all challenges that might arise.

Compassion 4 Change: From Compassion 2 Connection 2 Change

Allowing compassion for ourselves and others enables us to connect with our inner self, and with those around us, which establishes the foundation of change that matters and lasts.

Honesty 4 Humility: From Honesty 2 Focus 2 Humility

Being honest about who we are (not) dissolves the veil of hypocrisies. It enables us to focus on our own strengths and weaknesses, which leads to the honest humility that underpins genuine interactions.

Influence 4 Impact: From Influence 2 Inspiration 2 Impact

When we understand the dimensions of our being, we can influence them systematically. Aligning our aspirations and actions, our behavior inspires others to change themselves, which is needed for sustainable impact.

4 Methodologies

Purpose for Power (P4P) gives individuals tools to identify and pursue meaning. Connecting to purpose enables individuals to unlock their inherent power to overcome challenges and thrive despite these challenges. Primary audiences and beneficiaries are aid workers, young people, the elderly, teachers, and social workers. Central entry points are school curricula, parental education programs, retirement residences, and employee well-being programs. It is anchored in the soul.

Compassion for Change (C4C) offers an approach for institutions that aim to reignite passion and value awareness among their staff. The result is improved staff well-being, motivation, and performance, which goes hand in hand with enhanced institutional impact and reputation because staff members live and practice internally the principles and values they preach externally. C4C helps build a bridge between aspirations and mandate, harmonizing individual and institutional missions. Such harmonization is indispensable for nonprofit organizations that seek to raise public enthusiasm toward a social cause. It is anchored in the heart.

Influence for Impact (i4i) systematically uses and addresses human aspirations, emotions, thoughts, and sensations to induce desire and readiness for change among individuals and the wider public, i4i supports the design of communication and advocacy efforts that assist and guide audiences through the process of understanding a situation to having a personalized feeling about the issue at hand to caring enough about this matter to act and change the status quo. It is anchored in the body, which is the only interface between our internal and external reality. Differently said i4i applies the POZE logic by Nudging people to step out of their comfort zone, while Numbing their natural inertia it Nurtures new behavior patterns, that gradually become new social Norms.

Honesty for Humility (H4H) brings everything together in a framework of authentic leadership. It offers guidance to accompany the process of unveiling the best version of each individual. Honest introspection is the central pillar from which everything else flows naturally. Therefore, while seeking to be useful along the way, H4H acknowledges that the prime step toward leadership must be taken alone, by the individual who is ready. One can indicate the path to the bridge, but not carry the passenger over the river. It is anchored in the mind.


To start or reconsider your own journey of change

4 entry points may be useful :

Step 1 is daunting. Step 2 challenging. Step 3 cumbersome. From Step 4 the rest flows…


Pause. Take a moment for yourself. Observe how your sensations influence your emotions and thoughts.


Pause. Go beyond your job and place in society. How would you describe yourself ? is that who you aspire to be?



Share with others. Start the discussion about topics that matter to your inner self. Move beyond politics, weather, and COVID.

Life is a journey. Every step matters. Every moment is unique. Every one of them is an opportunity to create the person that YOU aspire to be.


You have questions, want to join or collaborate ? Please reach out :

Book a session to learn more, to share your ideas, make an appointment for a coaching session, or, to bring POZE to your organization :


A place where likeminded thinkers and doers unite is waiting for You

If you aspire to a place where everyone has a chance to fulfill their own unique potential than this is for You.

Why should you?

Those who dared to test POZE stayed with it. Because it helped them pinpoint what they felt was missing from their life: The Meaning to Be

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I remain WHO I am, but everything feels different”

This way to look at others and myself is so clear, and yet so different from what I had grown up with.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Grateful !”

I never thought life and be like that. Peaceful and fascinating at once.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Holistic framework”

I appreciate the compelling presentation. Once you see the connections it is ovious. It baffles me that we usually miss it.


Join your tribe at POZE@ezop

– a community of like-hearted thinkers and doers who change and bring change.

We change the World –

IF we choose to change

WHO we are and WHAT we do.


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