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About me

Thank you for being here !

POZE has organically arisen from my personal and professional experience, practice and lifelong research. Whilst living and working in Mali, Chad, Afghanistan, DR Congo and Haiti I developed it as a social change paradigm for collective transformation through personal change. It is an ongoing journey, and this platform invites you to join.

Please share your thoughts and ideas.


Cornelia C. Walther, PhD combines praxis and research. As a humanitarian practitioner, she worked for nearly two decades with UNICEF and the World Food Program in large scale emergencies in West Africa, Asia and Latin America. As lecturer, coach and researcher, Cornelia collaborates with various universities; including the Center for humanitarian leadership at Deakins (Australia), the Fachhochschule Muenster (Germany), the University of Palermo (Argentina) and Aix-Marseille’s Law faculty (France). Cornelia holds a doctorate in Law and is a certified yoga and meditation teacher. Recent books include ‘‘Development, humanitarian action and social welfare’; ‘Humanitarian work, social change and human behavior’; ‘Connection in times of Covid’, ‘Technology, Behavior and Social Change’ and Leadership for Social Change and Development. [Macmillan Palgrave/Springer, New York].

Cornelia currently lives between America and Europe taking on selected consultancies whilst expanding the POZE Network and working on the next book. She can be reached via

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