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POZE@ezop – A safe space to grow

The goal of POZE and its manifestation through ezop is to inspire individuals 

to identify and share their best Self. 

Together we pursue,

Perspective – to life

Optimization – of living

Zeniths – throughout life

Exposure – to life as it is.

ezop offers a safe space to translate the aspiration for meaning into meaningful action. 

Join us to,

envision – the world that could be, for, with and because of You

zoom in – on on your role in this journey 

orchestrate – your resources with others

participate – in life, fully.

Are you ready to join ?


Courageous Kindness

Change starts from the inside out, and is nurtured from the outside in

Courageous Kindness manifests 


Generosity anchors the Soul

Compassion warms the Heart

Honesty guides the Mind

Courage fortifies the Body

When we change ourselves, we nurture the change we want around us. 


WHO we are influences WHAT we do. 

When we pursue a WHY that matters

We inspire others by example.

Approaching our evolving Self with Courageous Kindness 

enables us to be courageously kind towards others

Everything is connected within a continuum of constant change. 

The World is a mirror – What do you see ?


Would you like to see more ?

Based on POZE – An App for All

This App combines theory and practice; real-time coaching and self-discovery.

Users evolve within an ongoing feedback-loop of

Aspiration (Soul) – Emotion (Heart) – Reflection (Mind) – Action (Body).

Gradually they Adopt a new Perspective and learn to Optimize the 4 dimensions that determine their life (Aspirations, Emotions, Thoughts, Sensations). As they pursue the Zenith of their own best Self, they Experience that Expressions of compassion and solidarity are valuable, for themselves and others. 

The default circuit within the App Umbrella covers:

Mind – Teaching (= Discovery of the multidimensional interplay of micro, meso, macro, meta dynamics)

Body – Simulation (= Experience of tools in a safe virtual space where compassion and solidarity win).

Heart – Coaching (= Real-time feedback during the process of aligning aspirations and actions).

Soul – Self-discovery (= Personal inquiry along the questions of personal purpose).

The App guides participants from a bystander perspective in life, to personal change to a proactive role as agents of social transformation.

Aspirational Algorithms

Technology is neutral.

Like a book, its impact derives from those who write and those who use it.

We must move beyond Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Emotional Intelligence, to Aspirational Algorithms.

Technology can help to bring out the best in individuals and institutions, IF is is designed with the ambition of a World where people are lifted to see and reach their full potential.

Inputs influence Outputs which impact Outcomes.

From Augmented Reality to Augmented Humanity.

Machines are means to an end. They are neither the problem, nor the solution.

We are.

We can, must, and will be the change we want

– IF we choose to change WHO we are and WHAT we do.

Moving towards the Future entails standing up for Humanity in the Presence.

Honesty for Humility (H4H)

Once we acknowledge, accept and appreciate WHO we are (not),

We are ready to change WHAT we want – in ourselves and the World.

Life is anchored in 4 questions:

WHY are you in this life? Your Purpose!

WHO are you as a human being?

WHERE do you want to be?

WHAT must you change to align your aspirations and your actions?

These questions relate to the 4 dimensions of our existence:

Soul, Heart, Mind, Body – expressed as aspirations, emotions, thoughts and sensations.

If you identify your Purpose, then you access your inner Power.

Nobody can freeze that power, but Yourself.

WHY we are in this World determines WHO we become in it –

as a person, as member of a community, as citizen of a country,

as a human being on Planet Earth.

4 principles impact life:

Connection – Everything is linked. From the inside out. From the outside in.

Change – Everything is changing. Always.

Continuum – Everything is part of a whole, transitioning within a flow.

Complementarity – Everything is part of something else which completes it.

We are not only connected to our environment and those around us

– we are a part of them. Constantly evolving as they do.

WHO do You want to Become?

What we do for others we do for ourselves.

When you commit to your WHY you commit to your best self – Your gift to the World.

Nurturing New Norms (N4N)

Our privileges endow us with the ability to share – and the responsibility to do so.

The more we give the more we get.

Changing the status quo in which many have too little, and a few have too much, entails

Nudging, Numbing, Nurturing and Norming (N4N).

Nudges people to change their behavior. While
Numbing our inclination to inertia, it
Nurtures compassionate behavior; that gradually
Norms new social standards.

Aspiration for meaning drives human behavior.

The need to care and be cared for connects people across cultures.

A New Normal can be Nudged by Numbing indifference and Nurturing human potential.

Overcoming the COVID-19 Conundrum

Everything is connected. Nothing happens in a vacuum.
COVID-19 illustrates that our individual and collective well-being depend on each other.

Like our personal aspirations, emotions thoughts and experiences influence each other, so do individuals, communities, countries and Planet Earth.

Exposure to COVID is equal for all of us, not its impact.
From workers to celebrities over housewives to politicians, COVID does not discriminate. Whether we survive and thrive despite it though depends not only on what we do and who we are, but what we have.

The systemic social paradox that our life has become began before this crisis.

Few have much and many have little.

The World we knew is gone, it left behind this paradox to carry on.

Unless we choice to counter it, consciously.

The question is not do more of the same, but to change how the game is played.

We can choose the C-Core to counter the COVID conundrum:

We can follow our need for inner Completion, finding Compassion with ourselves and others, to release our Creativity, and nurture Cooperation.

The core question is not if a vaccine is found – but

if we choose Solidarity or Self Interest?

Do we move on or stay stuck?

Are we ready to change and Be Change?


If you are interested to read more about the link between a future post COVID check out my latest Book Development and Connection in times of COVID. Corona’s Call for Conscious Choices. Palgrave 2020

Dare to Care. Care to Dare

Everything is connected.

Our aspirations, emotions, thoughts and experiences mutually influence each other.

Individuals, communities, countries and Planet Earth mutually shape each other.

When we acknowledge and optimize these interplays, we are ready.

Ready for a World where people everywhere have a fair chance to fulfill their potential.

Envision a place where individuals do what they say.

Helping each other in times of need.

To reach this place we need,

Purpose that goes beyond making a living.

Optimization of the dynamics that determine who we are.

Zenith orientation to reach the best version of ourselves.

Exposure to risk.

We must dare to care for others.

We must care to dare and explore the unknown,

moving out of our comfort zone to meet the World that could be.

POZE – An Exercise to be, Now

Step out of the mental hamster-wheel, to enter this moment. Your Now.

The Past is gone. The Present is your stepping-stone towards the Future you want.

Everything is connected. What we feel and think influences what we say and do.

Everything is constantly changing.

Every moment is unique. And so are You.

POZE offers a way to experience your aspirations, emotions, thoughts and sensations, without distraction.

Reserve a Me-Moment every day for this exercise:

Pause. Stop what you are doing.

Observe. Take in your surroundings. All senses awake.

Zoom inside. Close your eyes and feel.

Experience. Just be, in your Now.

Change – inside out & outside in

Change starts from the inside out

The aspiration for meaning – the quest of a WHY – is the core of humanity. It led humankind to invent and explore the unknown.  Personal purpose is the driver that makes individuals move and stand up to face the tide.

Every single individual represents a unique combination of characteristics, skills, resources, and connections. These personal tools give an individual, the ability to accomplish their purpose in an idiosyncratic way.  Individuals who have identified and started to pursue their own purpose, activate the power that is inherent to their humanity.

WHY we are in this life influences WHO we become as a person over the course of our existence.

In turn WHO we are as an individual and as a member of society influences how we experience the environment in which we evolve. This impacts how we express ourselves in this environment.  

The resulting attitude to and behavior in situations influences WHERE we end up in life.

Our experiences and expressions result in memories which the mind draws from in the future to assess situations; based on these assessments we re-act.

It is a vicious of virtuous cycle that can be influenced systematically. Such influence involves 4 steps:

  1. Awareness to the interplay of our aspirations, emotions, thoughts and behavior is the first step.
  2. The second step is to influence this interplay systematically.
  3.  The third step is to use this influence to gradually optimize the interplay, to nurture inner peace, and deriving from it, harmonious relationships with others.
  4. Identifying and pursuing a purpose, mission in our life, is the fourth and first step on our journey of becoming and sharing our own best self.

The perception that we have of our purpose, the WHY of our existence, influences WHO we are as a person, which influences WHERE we end up in life, which impacts WHAT we do as an individual and as part of a community.

Change is nurtured from the outside in

The experiences that results from the interaction with others influences our image; internally and externally. Internally our experiences either nurture a positive vision of ourselves and of the environment or they hamper it.  Externally our experiences influence whether others perceive us positively or negatively. This mixed image impact, either helps or hinders us in the pursuit of our purpose; the answer to our WHY.

The outside-in change dynamic works in smaller and larger ways

Body posture impacts our physical, mental, and emotional status.  It influences our mood, memory, behavior, and stress levels.  It not only eases the symptoms of depression but lessens self-focus. Physiologically speaking, a physical pose that reflects an attitude of power – upright, square shoulders, and head up, sends a signal to the brain; a neural impulse which turns into an actual, physiological response that boosts brainpower.  Furthermore, posture affects hormone levels—decreasing cortisol and increasing testosterone, the latter being associated with self-confidence.  On the other hand, our actions impact our experiences and memories which eventually reshapes our mindset; both metaphorically and practically speaking. 

Action can precede attitude.  Priming new habits can begin with actions that are performed consciously, even if the underlying motivation is not intuitive.  Gradually, the resulting experiences will result in new habit patterns in the mind.  Especially in times of transition and uncertainty, thinking, and introspection may follow physical experimentation – not only vice versa.  As these unaccustomed behaviors are performed repeatedly, they induce changes in the physical brain circuitry thanks to neuroplasticity (Doidge, 2007), this makes them ever more permanent until they feel ‘normal’.  The best way to become part of social change is to be proactive, plunging into new projects and activities, interacting with very different kinds of people, and experimenting with unfamiliar ways of getting things done.


The mind triggers our re-actions in any new situation based on old experiences.   It is an evolutionary set-up to re-act quickly by establishing shortcuts (heuristics) which are prone to errors (bias).  Understanding the sub-conscious connection between our mental storage from the past, and our urges in a present-day situation enables us to be vigilant.

Once we are aware of our tendency to re-act (too) quickly, we can: 1) choose to put inner space between the external trigger and our re-action to it: 2) use this buffer-zone to consciously choose our action based on our best knowledge at the time, in line with our overall aspirations; rather than re-acting blindly to an external trigger.

The journey of Life is about becoming our own best self, and to share this self with others. Once the four dimensions of our individual being are synchronized, the connection between us (individual) and others ensues gradually, naturally. Such internal and external connection is conducive to both individual and collective harmony and wellbeing. Individuals who behave in line with the values that they believe in nurture a positive self-image. The latter is central to finding harmony inside, and such internal harmonization conditions social synchronization.

Social norms are the unwritten rules of behavior that are considered acceptable in a group or society.  They result from the interplay between beliefs and behavior, between individuals and larger communities.  In the same way that poverty and violence are condoned in some parts of the world today, preventing and palliating these issues can become a new social norm tomorrow.


Everything is connected.

Nothing happens in a vacuum.
Our individual and collective well-being depend on each other.

Soul, heart, mind, and body express themselves in aspirations, emotions, thoughts, and experiences. These mutually influence and shape each other.

Every individual is a micro representation of the World.

Individuals, communities, countries, and Planet Earth influence and shape each other.

Change starts from the inside out. It is nurtured from the outside in.

How we are perceived by others depends on what we do, which depends on how we perceive the world and why we are here

Social Change happens along a Scale of influence. It involves our aspirations, emotions, thoughts and sensations. They mutually influence each other: nurturing or impeding change.

Via the Mind we inform about a cause.

Via the Heart we induce the desire to get involved in it.

Via the Soul we inspire purpose.

When we understand, care about, and relate to a need, we are ready to act.

Change is ignited – and our action inspires and ignites others. 

Change occurs from the Inside out

Aspirations are the seed of emotions, which influence our thoughts, and hereby our action. 

Change occurs from the Outside in

Action results in experiences which influence how we think and feel now. It impacts how we act in the future.

Meaning matters

Why we are here influences Who we are.

Who we are influences What we do.

What we do impacts Who we are.

Who we are influences How we progress towards the fulfillment of our Why.

Compassion for Change (C4C)

Change starts from the inside out. It is nurtured from the outside in.

Human experience involves soul, heart, mind and body,

expressed as aspirations, emotions, thoughts and sensations.

These 4 dimensions influence each other.

When our aspiration for meaning and our actions are aligned,

inner peace and social harmony arise.

Individuals and institutions influence each other and their environment.

Organizations mandated to make the world more peaceful and happier,

must be led and staffed by people who are at peace with themselves.

Compassion for Change (C4C) re-connects staff with their personal WHY, their aspiration for meaning,

and through it with the mission of the organizations where they work.

Purpose for Power (P4P)

Human life involves soul, heart, mind and body,

expressed as aspirations, emotions, thoughts and sensations.

Wellbeing ensues when the 4 dimensions are aligned

Besides and beyond pursuing mental or physical health by curing and preventing illness,

we can nurture holistic happiness, by recognizing and optimizing the interplay of the 4 dimensions.

Purpose for Power (P4P) offers individuals tools to find out WHO they are.

P4P equips youngsters and caregivers to become agents of change in their own life, and that of others.

P4P helps people to identify their purpose (a WHY) and share their best self with others

– wherever they are.

It transforms them into life-cycle coaches who continue to grow along the journey.

Purpose for Power nurtures personal wellbeing and cultivates, through it, collective welfare.

My Journey to POZE

To help you look at your life-story through the four-dimensional POZE prism I share mine here :

Being a young girl, I trusted that my WHY was to make the World happier. Thus,

I became an actor to show people how the World could be.

Until I learned that the illusion of a changed reality doesn’t change people’s behavior.

I became a lawyer to obtain justice for those who cannot fend for their own needs.

Until I realized that laws are worth only as much as the willingness of those who implement them.

I became a humanitarian worker to help people affected by violence, poverty and disasters.

Until I understood that we can bring others only what we have found inside.

I was so focused on WHAT I wanted to be outside,

that I neglected HOW I had to be inside.

One day a friend made me see:

‘Your purpose is to help others find theirs.’

Thus, I realized late that the WHY of life is to unveil WHO we are,

Sharing outside WHO we are inside is our gift to this World.

Learning about POZE

What is outlined here is a succinct summary of the key principles of POZE

Much more could be said, and much less is needed to get started. 

It explains the theoretical underpinning of the practical exercises. 

If you are interested to go deeper please check out some or all of the following books: 

Development, Humanitarian Aid and Social Welfare. Social Change from the inside Out  (which offers a detailed description of the POZE paradigm and its scientific underpinning), 

Humanitarian Work, Social Change and Human behavior. Compassion for Change  (which links POZE and my own story, and the humanitarian sector in which I worked for two decades), 

Connection in the times of COVID. Corona’s Call for Conscious Choices  (which looks at the opportunities of moving out of the COVID-19 conundrum with POZE). 

Technology, Social Change and Human Behavior. Influence for Impact (which looks at the potential of aspirational algorithms and valuable wearables for social change at mass-scale)

Leadership for Social Change and Development. Inspiration and Transformation (which illustrates through the stories of inspiring individuals that everyone can be and bring change)

POZE is not a blueprint. Everyone is unique. 

Please get started and share how it makes you feel!

What does POZE mean?

POZE seeks social change through individual transformation.

The word has 7 different meanings:

An objective – Happiness

Perspective – Find your mission

Om – Work with your emotions

Zoom – Train your thoughts

Experience – Learn from Life

A life prospect – Evolution

Perspective – Adopt a holistic view of yourself and others

Orchestration – Utilize interactions among aspirations, emotions, thoughts, and actions.

Zenith – Move towards your highest self

Exposure – Take risks to grow

A paradigm – Shift

Potential through Connection

Opportunity through Change

Zestfulness through Continuum

Excellence through Complementarity

An exercise for calmness and re-energizing– Break

Pause – Stop doing

Observe – Take in our surroundings

Zoom in – Go inside

Experience – Just be

A philosophy – Becoming

Purpose Optimization Zenith Expression

A word – Peace

Inner peace in Haitian Creole

A network

People On Zenith Exploration


Join a galactic personal journey. Travelling from the soul to the heart, from the mind to the body you will experience another perspective on yourself and on others.

Join an organically evolving group of likeminded thinkers and doers. Sharing your own thoughts and feelings, aspirations and experiences you will discover similarities and differences. This is a space to establish the link between dream and delivery, between online and offline.

If you believe that change is needed, be that in your own life or in your community, than this may be for You