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Learning about POZE

What is outlined here is a succinct summary of the key principles of POZE

Much more could be said, and much less is needed to get started. 

It explains the theoretical underpinning of the practical exercises. 

If you are interested to go deeper please check out some or all of the following books: 

Development, Humanitarian Aid and Social Welfare. Social Change from the inside Out  (which offers a detailed description of the POZE paradigm and its scientific underpinning), 

Humanitarian Work, Social Change and Human behavior. Compassion for Change  (which links POZE and my own story, and the humanitarian sector in which I worked for two decades), 

Connection in the times of COVID. Corona’s Call for Conscious Choices  (which looks at the opportunities of moving out of the COVID-19 conundrum with POZE). 

Technology, Social Change and Human Behavior. Influence for Impact (which looks at the potential of aspirational algorithms and valuable wearables for social change at mass-scale)

Leadership for Social Change and Development. Inspiration and Transformation (which illustrates through the stories of inspiring individuals that everyone can be and bring change)

POZE is not a blueprint. Everyone is unique. 

Please get started and share how it makes you feel!


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