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Change – inside out & outside in

Change starts from the inside out The aspiration for meaning – the quest of a WHY – is the core of humanity. It led humankind to invent and explore the unknown.  Personal purpose is the driver that makes individuals move and stand up to face the tide. Every single individual represents a unique combination ofContinue reading “Change – inside out & outside in”


Everything is connected. Nothing happens in a vacuum.Our individual and collective well-being depend on each other. Soul, heart, mind, and body express themselves in aspirations, emotions, thoughts, and experiences. These mutually influence and shape each other. Every individual is a micro representation of the World. Individuals, communities, countries, and Planet Earth influence and shape eachContinue reading “Influence”

Compassion for Change (C4C)

Change starts from the inside out. It is nurtured from the outside in. Human experience involves soul, heart, mind and body, expressed as aspirations, emotions, thoughts and sensations. These 4 dimensions influence each other. When our aspiration for meaning and our actions are aligned, inner peace and social harmony arise. Individuals and institutions influence eachContinue reading “Compassion for Change (C4C)”

Purpose for Power (P4P)

Human life involves soul, heart, mind and body, expressed as aspirations, emotions, thoughts and sensations. Wellbeing ensues when the 4 dimensions are aligned Besides and beyond pursuing mental or physical health by curing and preventing illness, we can nurture holistic happiness, by recognizing and optimizing the interplay of the 4 dimensions. Purpose for Power (P4P)Continue reading “Purpose for Power (P4P)”

Learning about POZE

What is outlined here is a succinct summary of the key principles of POZE.  Much more could be said, and much less is needed to get started.  It explains the theoretical underpinning of the practical exercises.  If you are interested to go deeper please check out some or all of the following books:  Development, HumanitarianContinue reading “Learning about POZE”