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Based on POZE – An App for All

This App combines theory and practice; real-time coaching and self-discovery.

Users evolve within an ongoing feedback-loop of

Aspiration (Soul) – Emotion (Heart) – Reflection (Mind) – Action (Body).

Gradually they Adopt a new Perspective and learn to Optimize the 4 dimensions that determine their life (Aspirations, Emotions, Thoughts, Sensations). As they pursue the Zenith of their own best Self, they Experience that Expressions of compassion and solidarity are valuable, for themselves and others. 

The default circuit within the App Umbrella covers:

Mind – Teaching (= Discovery of the multidimensional interplay of micro, meso, macro, meta dynamics)

Body – Simulation (= Experience of tools in a safe virtual space where compassion and solidarity win).

Heart – Coaching (= Real-time feedback during the process of aligning aspirations and actions).

Soul – Self-discovery (= Personal inquiry along the questions of personal purpose).

The App guides participants from a bystander perspective in life, to personal change to a proactive role as agents of social transformation.


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