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Honesty for Humility (H4H)

Once we acknowledge, accept and appreciate WHO we are (not),

We are ready to change WHAT we want – in ourselves and the World.

Life is anchored in 4 questions:

WHY are you in this life? Your Purpose!

WHO are you as a human being?

WHERE do you want to be?

WHAT must you change to align your aspirations and your actions?

These questions relate to the 4 dimensions of our existence:

Soul, Heart, Mind, Body – expressed as aspirations, emotions, thoughts and sensations.

If you identify your Purpose, then you access your inner Power.

Nobody can freeze that power, but Yourself.

WHY we are in this World determines WHO we become in it –

as a person, as member of a community, as citizen of a country,

as a human being on Planet Earth.

4 principles impact life:

Connection – Everything is linked. From the inside out. From the outside in.

Change – Everything is changing. Always.

Continuum – Everything is part of a whole, transitioning within a flow.

Complementarity – Everything is part of something else which completes it.

We are not only connected to our environment and those around us

– we are a part of them. Constantly evolving as they do.

WHO do You want to Become?

What we do for others we do for ourselves.

When you commit to your WHY you commit to your best self – Your gift to the World.


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