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Overcoming the COVID-19 Conundrum

Everything is connected. Nothing happens in a vacuum.
COVID-19 illustrates that our individual and collective well-being depend on each other.

Like our personal aspirations, emotions thoughts and experiences influence each other, so do individuals, communities, countries and Planet Earth.

Exposure to COVID is equal for all of us, not its impact.
From workers to celebrities over housewives to politicians, COVID does not discriminate. Whether we survive and thrive despite it though depends not only on what we do and who we are, but what we have.

The systemic social paradox that our life has become began before this crisis.

Few have much and many have little.

The World we knew is gone, it left behind this paradox to carry on.

Unless we choice to counter it, consciously.

The question is not do more of the same, but to change how the game is played.

We can choose the C-Core to counter the COVID conundrum:

We can follow our need for inner Completion, finding Compassion with ourselves and others, to release our Creativity, and nurture Cooperation.

The core question is not if a vaccine is found – but

if we choose Solidarity or Self Interest?

Do we move on or stay stuck?

Are we ready to change and Be Change?


If you are interested to read more about the link between a future post COVID check out my latest Book Development and Connection in times of COVID. Corona’s Call for Conscious Choices. Palgrave 2020


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