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Everything is connected.

Nothing happens in a vacuum.
Our individual and collective well-being depend on each other.

Soul, heart, mind, and body express themselves in aspirations, emotions, thoughts, and experiences. These mutually influence and shape each other.

Every individual is a micro representation of the World.

Individuals, communities, countries, and Planet Earth influence and shape each other.

Change starts from the inside out. It is nurtured from the outside in.

How we are perceived by others depends on what we do, which depends on how we perceive the world and why we are here

Social Change happens along a Scale of influence. It involves our aspirations, emotions, thoughts and sensations. They mutually influence each other: nurturing or impeding change.

Via the Mind we inform about a cause.

Via the Heart we induce the desire to get involved in it.

Via the Soul we inspire purpose.

When we understand, care about, and relate to a need, we are ready to act.

Change is ignited – and our action inspires and ignites others. 

Change occurs from the Inside out

Aspirations are the seed of emotions, which influence our thoughts, and hereby our action. 

Change occurs from the Outside in

Action results in experiences which influence how we think and feel now. It impacts how we act in the future.

Meaning matters

Why we are here influences Who we are.

Who we are influences What we do.

What we do impacts Who we are.

Who we are influences How we progress towards the fulfillment of our Why.


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