What does POZE mean?

POZE seeks social change through individual transformation.

The word has 7 different meanings:

An objective – Happiness

Perspective – Find your mission

Om – Work with your emotions

Zoom – Train your thoughts

Experience – Learn from Life

A life prospect – Evolution

Perspective – Adopt a holistic view of yourself and others

Orchestration – Utilize interactions among aspirations, emotions, thoughts, and actions.

Zenith – Move towards your highest self

Exposure – Take risks to grow

A paradigm – Shift

Potential through Connection

Opportunity through Change

Zestfulness through Continuum

Excellence through Complementarity

An exercise for calmness and re-energizing– Break

Pause – Stop doing

Observe – Take in our surroundings

Zoom in – Go inside

Experience – Just be

A philosophy – Becoming

Purpose Optimization Zenith Expression

A word – Peace

Inner peace in Haitian Creole

A network

People On Zenith Exploration


Join a galactic personal journey. Travelling from the soul to the heart, from the mind to the body you will experience another perspective on yourself and on others.

Join an organically evolving group of likeminded thinkers and doers. Sharing your own thoughts and feelings, aspirations and experiences you will discover similarities and differences. This is a space to establish the link between dream and delivery, between online and offline.

If you believe that change is needed, be that in your own life or in your community, than this may be for You

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